Payments Page FAQ

Your payment page says that it is secure but I do not seeĀ "https:" and the lock in the web browser's address bar?

Our payments page displays inside an iFrame. This is a secure method approved by However, by using this method https: and the lock are not displayed in the browser's address bar.

If you wish to verify that our payments page is indeed secure you can click the seal found on our payments page or go directly to our source page at where you will see https: and the lock displayed in the browser's address bar.

If you would rather make your payment over the phone, please call our office at (970) 686-2798.

I don't see a way to sign up for recurring payments online. Is there a place for this? Or do I have to call to arrange it?

Currently you need to call our office at (970) 686-2798 to set up recurring payments.